Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Thinking Pay Raise - Job Promotion = Think Elearning + MOOCs

A recent study published in the UK reported employers see additional work-related skills, such as professional certifications,  as key to pay and promotions.

Full Article:

Distance Learning: Moocs May Be Key To Pay Rise And Promotion

Key Quote:
Nearly half of employers surveyed by the Open University say work-related qualifications gained through additional education are the number one reason they would offer a salary increase or a higher-level position.

Fortunately, there are a wide variety of online offers for MOOCs and business professional certifications.

Unfortunately, too much choice is confusing.  

More importantly:

  • employers' recognition of skills credentials 
  • employers' need to reward these skills - pay or promotion.
Executive Certification Options

+Sabi University, a leader in reinventing higher education, recognizes business professionals desire for advancing careers via elearning.  SABI University SABIpass offers online learning options via mobile phone, tablet and laptop.

So, if you want a better rate of pay or a more challenging position, an elearning solution is right in your hand.


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