Tuesday, October 14, 2014

#mobile + geolocation + personalization = Galeries Lafayette app strategy

+Galeries Lafayette Paris understands the role of online pre-shopping to in-store retail sales.  Their app has been rolled out for the Paris flagship store on Boulevard Haussmann.  

The key innovation is geolocation of the user in the 75,000 sq ft store, enabling shoppers to more easily locate specific brands and items.

Further, the app combines:

  • personalization - users can select brands and items, add them to their personal itinerary
  • geolocation - on arrival, the app maps the user's location, helping them navigate to the pre-selected items
  • mobile - the app is designed for smartphones
L2 Think Tank, an analyst group that evaluates Digital IQ across a range of industries and brands, posted the following:
 "The app – available in fourteen languages – pinpoints the user’s location on a 3D map with a margin of error of no more than six feet. For a store the size of Galeries Lafayette, ease of finding items can incentivize shoppers to make more trips."

Full article on L2 Think Tank Daily 

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