Monday, August 18, 2014

#Digitalmarketing -shift - #Marketing in a #Digital World - Adobe VP

+Adobe VP of Digital Strategy, Suresh Vittal, a shift in perspective is essential to business success.

In this interview with The Business Standard, Mr. Vittal offers insights on consumers' digital experiences, as they are in advance of marketers' mindset + skills.
'With digitisation gaining momentum, marketers are playing catch-up with consumers instead of the other way round. Surely not an easy scenario?'

Key Quote:
'Marketing is no longer about 4Ps. Marketing extends into experience delivery, product development, customer satisfaction, finance and profitability. Marketers have to get new skills; consumers demand real time experiences and marketers can help drive this.'
Full article in The Business Standard here

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What skills do you think are important in a digital world?


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