Monday, August 25, 2014

#DigitalMarketing enters Enlightment Era?

An insightful article in +Forbes by  John Mellor, Vice President, Digital Marketing at Adobe 'Is This Digital Marketing's Age Of Enlightenment?'

Key Quote
        "Systems across the business are becoming more connected, moving marketing towards the center of the enterprise and offering more touch points for marketers to connect companies and consumers. "
Adobe explored the new complexity of marketing and reveals a 'dramatic' finding:

  • 'best in class' marketing professionals/teams have a significantly higher financial impact - quote below

    "In the travel and retail verticals, best-in-class marketers posted a 200% higher conversion rate. The best marketers in finance had 50% higher stickiness. "

  • Best in class marketers - they’re getting better at a faster rate than anyone else 
  • Best in Class is related to Marketing Maturity
The article includes a Digital Marketing Maturity Self Assessment Tool permitting readers to rate themselves on the path to Best in Class.

What is your rating?

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