Friday, August 8, 2014

Chief Marketing Technologist - New, Hybrid #Executive - HBR

+Harvard Business Review article articulates the essential attributes of 'marketing professionals' for digital era.  The role = Chief Marketing Technologist.

Key quote:
"Regardless of what they’re called, the best CMTs set a technology vision for marketing. They champion greater experimentation and more-agile management of that function’s capabilities. And they are change agents, working within the function and across the company to create competitive advantage."
In essence, digital prowess has ushered in a post-marketing mindset....the need to orchestrate individual customer/user experiences across platforms + devices + context.

Artwork: Markus Linnenbrink, EVERYWHEREALLTHETIMEEVERYTHING, 2009, epoxy resin, pigments, 20" x 39" x 82" 

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