Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Thinking Pay Raise - Job Promotion = Think Elearning + MOOCs

A recent study published in the UK reported employers see additional work-related skills, such as professional certifications,  as key to pay and promotions.

Full Article:

Distance Learning: Moocs May Be Key To Pay Rise And Promotion

Key Quote:
Nearly half of employers surveyed by the Open University say work-related qualifications gained through additional education are the number one reason they would offer a salary increase or a higher-level position.

Fortunately, there are a wide variety of online offers for MOOCs and business professional certifications.

Unfortunately, too much choice is confusing.  

More importantly:

  • employers' recognition of skills credentials 
  • employers' need to reward these skills - pay or promotion.
Executive Certification Options

+Sabi University, a leader in reinventing higher education, recognizes business professionals desire for advancing careers via elearning.  SABI University SABIpass offers online learning options via mobile phone, tablet and laptop.

So, if you want a better rate of pay or a more challenging position, an elearning solution is right in your hand.

Thursday, February 5, 2015

5 Ways to become a more Effective Distance Student

Studying from a distance provides numerous advantages to students; especially for busy professionals or those with limited mobility, family responsibilities and other constraints keeping them from attending traditional face-to-face courses. However, distance students must overcome other issues and concerns. Distance education is flexible but this flexibility can negatively affect the learning process if the learner hasn’t prepared his/her mindset for an e-learning program.

Sabi University is advocating technology-enhanced education by providing e-learning and blended studies. We believe that the results of an interactive distance education can be superior to traditional education and has the potential to break boundaries, providing education to all people. However, learners comprise an important side of the education process. Their motivation, participation and follow up have important impacts on the outcome of the program or course. Regardless of the quality and resources provided through our eCampus and aside from Sabi’s capacity to design a high quality interactive program, if our students are not psychologically prepared for this mode of study, the outcome will not be impressive. So, in addition to designing technology-enhanced programs, we must train and advise our students in how to study from distance.  

During the following article, we try to advise our students on how to study from distance.

Make a schedule and stick to it

One of the biggest dangers of studying or working from a distance is procrastination. It is therefore crucial to follow a well-paced schedule with deadlines. There is room for flexibility but staying on track and keeping up with your course material is vital to succeeding. Set your own schedule for following lectures and keep pace with our week based Program Flows to stay ahead.

Take regular breaks

After each 20-minute video lecture spend ten minutes reviewing key concepts and ideas and then take a break. Researchers at a social media company recently tracked the habits of their most productive employees. They discovered that the best workers typically worked intently for around 52 minutes and then took a 17-minute break. Drink a coffee, go for a walk, read an article, just be sure to give your brain some time to relax and recover before diving into the next lecture.

Make Space

Set aside a separate space in your home for studying. You also want to make sure your friends, colleagues and family know you are off limits during your scheduled study hours.

Engage Globally

Prolonged isolation can lead to weakened productivity and motivation. Be sure to engage with the eSabi platform by reaching out to your professor and fellow students around the world. You will get a lot more out of your studies if you foster connections and discussions with fellow distance learners and teachers. You can also use online networking sites like LinkedIn and Facebook to maintain connections with Sabi students and faculty.

Recognise Accomplishments

When you’re working on your own at home, staying motivated can be difficult. One smart way to maintain momentum is to spend a moment or two acknowledging what you have been able to accomplish each day. Use your notes to reflect on that day’s events and see what you were able to check off your to-do list. The daily reminder of what you were able to finish will help create a virtuous cycle going forward.

Principles to Remember:

  • Make a schedule and stick to it
  • Stay on Pace with Sabi Program Flows
  • Focus on what you’ve accomplished at the end of each day to keep yourself motivated
  • Create a dedicated workspace and let your family know that you are unavailable during work hours
  • Reach out to fellow students and faculty to foster lasting contacts
  • Try to work all day without regular breaks
  • Isolate yourself — go the extra mile to meet up and discuss with fellow students
  • Neglect to check in regularly it’s important to make yourself ‘visible’ even if you aren’t studying in a traditional brick and mortar institution.

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Dr. Souzan Azizian - Interview at #E-Revolution Forurm #SupCom, Tunisia

Forum Sup'Com 2014 was held in Tunisia last week.  The theme E-Revolution covered a range of important digital innovations.  The full program can be seen in videos posted in OUR Network's YouTube Channel.

Dr. Azizian, Director of Business Development at +Sabi University , is interviewed following her presentation on Cloud Computing.

View Dr. Azizian's presentation on Cloud Computing here.

Congratulations to Sup'Com for a highly professional and successful 
E-Revolution Forum 2014.

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Monday, November 24, 2014

#digitalmarketing Outlook - Top Trends for 2015

Key Concept
  • Expect intimate and pervasive integration within the full user spectrum - social + mobile + personal

Summary 5 Top Trends





Full TechGen Magazine article hereH/T author Juli Piscedda

Further Insights:
Forbes Magazine explores Digital Marketing for 2015 insights - focused on strategy. 

Digital Marketing Executive certificates are offered online  by SABI University Paris.  Busy business professionals can be well prepared for 2015 Digital Marketing Careers with SABI University's online executive education sessions.

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Monday, November 10, 2014

Digital Marketing via #mobile - Best Apps for Marketers

+Buffer Blog created a great comparison list of tools to help marketers on the go.  No need to stay stuck at a desk when mobile apps make social media marketers more productive.

Key Quote:
Mobile apps and tools can make it so a marketer’s entire day is filled with opportunities to connect, engage, and share. You can get more done while commuting, lounging, waiting, and any time when you’re not tethered to a desktop or laptop.

The list of 45 Dashboards and clients for social media management is especially valuable as alternative tools are listed for each category.

We use Buffer's mobile app and find it essential for customer engagement in real time.

Mobile + Multiscreen Marketing Executive certificates are offered online  by SABI University Paris.  The certificate programs  include Digital Marketing Tools and Tactics for immediate on the job use by business professionals.

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Sunday, November 2, 2014

#mobilemindset - Mobile is Eating the World = 10X opportunity

Benedict Evans, Andreessen Horowitz, presentation - Mobile is Eating the World

Insightful and historical perspectives on tech outgrowing the technology industry. Key points include - we are in a
  • post PC
  • post Page Rank
  • post keyboard  - world
Technology companies have given rise to companies that are made with technology - think Uber + AirBnB.

Key Quote
"There is no point in drawing a distinction between the future of technology and the future of mobile. They are the same. In other words, technology is now outgrowing the tech industry."

Key Slide = Leverage Mobile for Opportunity

View a video version of the presentation with Benedict Evans' commentary.

Mobile Is Eating the World from a16z

Mobile + Multiscreen Marketing Executive certificates are offered online  by SABI University Paris.  International business professionals are exposed to cutting edge case studies and thought leadership, such a a16z #techsummit2014 Mobile Is Eating the World presentation.

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Tuesday, October 14, 2014

#mobile + geolocation + personalization = Galeries Lafayette app strategy

+Galeries Lafayette Paris understands the role of online pre-shopping to in-store retail sales.  Their app has been rolled out for the Paris flagship store on Boulevard Haussmann.  

The key innovation is geolocation of the user in the 75,000 sq ft store, enabling shoppers to more easily locate specific brands and items.

Further, the app combines:

  • personalization - users can select brands and items, add them to their personal itinerary
  • geolocation - on arrival, the app maps the user's location, helping them navigate to the pre-selected items
  • mobile - the app is designed for smartphones
L2 Think Tank, an analyst group that evaluates Digital IQ across a range of industries and brands, posted the following:
 "The app – available in fourteen languages – pinpoints the user’s location on a 3D map with a margin of error of no more than six feet. For a store the size of Galeries Lafayette, ease of finding items can incentivize shoppers to make more trips."

Full article on L2 Think Tank Daily 

SABI University Paris Executive MBA program offers online certification in #Mobile - #Multi-screen Marketing.  Using cutting edge case studies, thought leadership, the SABI University programs are well suited for international business professionals.

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